Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wedding Wednesday: Down to the Wire

I've been pretty relaxed during the last 16 months or so of wedding planning. But I feel like that's about to change. We're 38 days out, and my chill is starting to escape me.

At least once a day, I'm asked about the wedding planning. My answer is always the same, "I'm ready for it to be over." Here are a few of the things plaguing me as we get closer to the big day.
:: Crazy dreams.
In the past few months, I've had a number of dreams about the wedding. In one, all of our guests misread the wedding date, so no one showed up. In another, two of our guests couldn't make it and decided to give their invitations to their neighbors (whom we don't know) to allow them to attend. In another, no one would go pick up breakfast for me the morning of the wedding because they said it was too far to drive. I'm sure none of these will be come a reality, but they're still not fun to experience.

:: My to-do list.
There have been so many months where it was really too soon to do some of the prep. Now, it's time. I just had my hair trial last night, and that went well. Tomorrow, I have my final fitting. Next week, we're picking up the marriage license. I still need to finalize my makeup (I'm doing my own), put together the guest list for the rehearsal dinner (and contact those folks), start working on 'thank yous' (gifts have started to roll in), and do the table assignments (once all the RSVPs are in). And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.

:: My wedding day look.
As I mentioned above, I'm doing my own makeup. I'm not worried about my hair. I'll be doing an airbrush tan trial next week to decide on that. But now I'm wondering if I should get my underarms or legs waxed, as one friend suggested. I don't really want to spend the money or go through the growing the hair out part, but why would the friend suggest it if it wasn't a good idea?

:: Second-guessing everything.
With a long engagement, I've had a lot of time to make decisions. We decided on a lot of things early. But occasionally, as time has gone on, I've wondered if we made the right ones. Should we have chosen a different venue? Should we have gotten a deejay instead of a live band? Should I have gotten a different dress? Should I have hired a day-of coordinator? Should I have hired a makeup artist? Should I have chosen dresses for my wedding party instead of letting them choose their own? Ugh. Should we just have eloped?

Ultimately, I'm happy to be marrying Sean, and I'm looking forward to the party with our family and friends. But I'm also ready to have some of my time, money, and headspace back.

In the meantime, at least there's beer and wine.


  1. 38 days! That was "quick". But it's all relative :)
    In the end, as long as you have a good time and have a few good pictures to keep on display, you'll be satisfied. Good food is a plus too, because that's what people generally remember.

  2. ...and in the end, the day goes by so quickly, you won't even remember half of the things that happened! I say that, not as a bad thing, but as a reassurance that things will all work out in the end! As long as you and Sean enjoy your day and focus on being together and celebrating each other, that's all that matters.

    My take on the waxing...if you're comfortable--go for it. I didn't do that, and it never occurred to me to do so....especially your legs. If you're wearing a full length dress, you could totally get away with not shaving them at all! LOL!!


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