Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Show Us Your Books: September 2018

Life According to Steph

Happy fourth anniversary to Show Us Your Books!!! I'm so grateful Steph and Jana host this link-up every month. It allows me to share my book discoveries and find great recommendations from others.

A lot of my friends were reading this book and talking about how it made them feel and think. I decided I needed to check it out as well. As I read through Rachel's words about lies she's told herself and how she had to learn from them, I found myself relating a lot. I plowed through the 20 chapters in just a few days. They were short enough to absorb and think about without being too overwhelming. Some made me think more than others, but that's not unexpected. Just because we are both women doesn't mean we've experienced the same things.  The chapters about parenthood, for example, didn't apply directly to me, but I still enjoyed her perspective. Some people aren't happy with Rachel's writings, and think she is doing a disservice to the Bible's teachings. But I'm not really religious, so that didn't bother me one bit.

I connected with Caroline Moss (one of the authors) years ago on Twitter through her brother, who at the time was touring with one of my favorite Broadway shows, "Spring Awakening." Over the years, we've exchanged laughs and encouragement. I was so happy when she announced she'd written a book. She's very witty and her humor definitely shines through in "Hey Ladies," which documents the life of eight friends over the course of one year and lots of emails and texts. It's a work of fiction, but I could definitely see myself and some of my friends in each of the characters. It was too real. I laughed a lot while reading this and the format made it easy to breeze through. It was the perfect lighthearted read right when I needed it.

Jennifer is an author I've admired for quite a while. Her debut, "Good in Bed," remains one of my all-time favorite books, and this memoir of sorts gave me a little more background on who she is and why she writes what she writes. I related a lot to her struggle with body image and some of her tales of social awkwardness. I learned more about her relationship with members of her family and her journey to achieving her dream -- becoming a published author. I will certainly read her fiction works through a new filter now.


  1. ahh good in bed is so good! i read it years and years ago, need to do a re-read soon. i will have to check out her memoir.

  2. I have Hey Ladies! on my to-read list on Goodreads, so I'm glad to hear it's a fun one. :) One of my friends (and tons of bloggers) really seem to love Girl, Wash Your Face too.


  3. I think the religious thing with Girl, Wash Your Face only bothered me because it's marketed as a Christian book by a Christian publisher. Someone (her or the people she works with) should've known better in that case. I don't care what she thinks about religion but a lot of readers will go into it expecting something totally different.
    I've not read the whole book (read a few chapters, had to return it) but she reads the chapters on her podcast so I listened to a few episodes. I had a lot of thoughts that I'll get to next month on my book post lol.
    Basically, I hate that she just tells you if you decide to work hard enough, everything will happen for you. The message of "hustle" is what leaves so many of us feeling inadequate. Also, marry rich. That's the lesson I took from it.

  4. I'm at the point where Girl Wash Your Face is a pass from me. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews and I don't know I if I can do it. I feel like it'll get on my nerves.

  5. I have heard both sides of the girl watch your face reviews and its been on my list forever but I just cant get to it yet.

  6. Hey Ladies sounds like a really fun premise. Adding it to my TBR. Typically I'm not a huge memoir fan but Weiner's sounds like one I'd enjoy. Adding it to my TBR as well!

  7. I think I would like the Jennifer memoir.


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