Thursday, October 11, 2018

This & That 10/11

:: I was one of the suckers who fell for that Facebook scam over the weekend. I received a direct message from a "friend" who told me she'd received a new friend request from me. Since I've seen lots of cloned profiles, I had no reason to believe this wasn't true, so I posted an update encouraging friends not to accept any new friend requests from me. Once it was discovered this was a scam, there were endless memes making fun of those who fell for it. This pissed me off more than a little, so I'm on Facebook hiatus (except for my scheduled blog updates) for the foreseeable future. I'm looking at posts from my closest friends (for whom I get push notifications), but I'm not posting or scrolling. At all. I would deactivate my profile all together if it wasn't for maintaining my blog page. I'm not even joking.

:: My Facebook rage was probably due to more than just those memes. I'm also just tired of people being self-righteous and ugly to each other on there. The arguments aren't helping anyone. And I had worked all weekend and had very little downtime. I think I was burned out. Maybe I still am. I'm supposed to go to a hockey game tomorrow night, but I'm considering staying in for some me time to recharge instead.

:: Fall temperatures seem to be here. Finally. I'm OK if they stay for a while. I'm over summer but not yet ready for winter. I want to enjoy hoodie weather for a while before the ice scrapers come out.

:: This weekend, I'm taking a little road trip with my bestie. We're going to look at the pretty leaves and visit some breweries in another area of the state. I cannot wait.

:: Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, but I think it should be discussed every day. I hope all of my friends take care of their mind and soul just as they would their bodies. And if they're not OK, it's perfectly OK to reach out. Find a friend. Find a therapist. Find someone to talk to.  Get help. You are worth it.

What's on your mind this week?

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  1. Eh, I fell for the FB thing too, for the reason you said. A lot of people have double profiles or something. But I just logged out, changed my password, and stayed off it for a few days. I literally missed nothing. I've done deactivation cleanses in the past and I recommend it.


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