Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday Fiver: Annoying office behaviors

1 :: Loud personal conversations.
Most people go into the hallway to answer their phones when their doctor calls. Some people use IM or email to chat with a co-worker about their weekend or latest in-law drama. But not everyone. Thank goodness for earbuds and music, but they don't help much when I am on the phone for a business call. And they definitely don't help when I'm in a bathroom stall. That's right. Yep, it happens. And bathroom phone conversations are the worst. They make me want to repeatedly flush the toilet and make a bunch of obnoxious noises, but something tells me the guilty party doesn't care much.

2 :: Leaving a mess.
We have coffee stations in our office. Every time I walk over for water (which is usually three or more times a day), the counter is a mess of water, coffee, sugar, and hot chocolate mix. I end up wiping it down because it drives me crazy. But I don't feel like I should have to clean up after adults. For a while, we had someone leaving a mug they had used for oatmeal in the sink. The cleaning lady would clean it at night and the person would reuse it and repeat the cycle. I don't think washing dishes should be the cleaning lady's responsibility.

3 :: Clipping fingernails.
Really, I'm just highly sensitive to extraneous sounds. However, the sound of a clipper going through nails just gives me the creeps. I can barely stand it when I'm doing my own nails. I don't want to hear it from across the cubicle wall. Also ... why don't you do that at home? I mean, I can understand if you need to get rid of a hangnail or uneven chip, but do you have to then clip the entire hand? If your answer is yes, please go to the restroom.

4 :: Eating smelly or noisy food.
I think we all know the foods that should not be reheated, right? Fish and brussels sprouts come immediately to mind. I'm sure there are others. Just be mindful of what you're putting in the microwave and how it might affect the people around you. The same goes for crunchy carrots or chips. If you're not sure you can eat it quietly, don't bring it to the office.

5 :: Reply all.
Seriously. It is 2019. We've been using email for more than two decades. Why are people still abusing the "reply all" feature and filling my inbox with emails I do not need???

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  1. Hi, you don't know me, but you read my mind. ;) Fingernail clipping - WHY??? And the person who left the mug soaking in the sink with some unidentifiable cheese-soup-like substance in it this week. Not to mention, the bathroom conversations. W.T.H. I'll add one, if I may? People who don't understand how to accept a calendar invite without sending a re-invitation to the whole email list. And then they cancel their invite, which removes the *original* meeting from my calendar as well. Thanks, luddites. Sigh.


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