Thursday, February 7, 2019

This & That 2/7

:: Winter weather is just ridiculous lately. Two weeks ago, we got a bunch of snow dumped on us. Last week, we had the polar vortex. This week, it's sleet and ice. I get it, Mother Nature, you are powerful. But I'm over your little tantrums.

:: All this icky weather has me looking forward to spring and warmer temperatures. Specifically, I'm counting down the weeks until Sean and I go to Arizona for our honeymoon. And spring training baseball. Anyone have some Phoenix-area recommendations of places we must see, eat, or drink?

:: "A Million Little Things" was granted a second season the other day. I was so excited to see that news. Too often, it seems I get into a show only to have it cancelled or simply not renewed. I don't watch a ton of TV lately, but "A Million Little Things" is my main must-see show each week.

:: One of my favorite musicians (and someone I also consider a friend) had a good announcement this week. He'll be opening for Chicago throughout the Midwest in May. If you get a chance, go. It'll be a great show.

What's on your mind this week?

1 comment:

  1. I should probably catch up on A Million Little Things. I saw maybe 7 episodes?


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