Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekly Reads, Vol. 71

I had a very busy Saturday. After getting my hair done (it needed it so bad), I worked a seven-hour shift at the brewery. And apparently a lot of people wanted beer. We were slammed for most of the afternoon.

Earlier in the week, I'd contemplated taking advantage of a free Saturday evening to go out, but after I got done at the brewery, I was done being around people. I stopped for groceries and then spent the evening catching up on shows on Hulu and painting my nails. It was perfect.

I'm striving for more balance this year, and while I don't always achieve it, I think I did this weekend.

Too many times, I've bought a player t-shirt only to have that player get injured, get traded, or simply begin tanking in every game. Those t-shirts are now workout and sleep wear. That's a lot of money. Maybe I should follow Sarah's advice when it comes to purchasing a player's jersey.

I am guilty of looking at a goal and wondering how I'll ever get there. It's hard for me to see the little steps I can take to get there. Rena has a great piece about this phenomenon titled "How do you eat an elephant?"

Speaking of goals, Stephanie has some tips on how to use psychology tricks that can help you reach your finish line. And, yes, one of those tricks is more thoroughly explored in Rena's post.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Girl I'm tellin ya, the jersey curse is SO REAL!!! I think I'm going to stick with the appraoch of only buying legend jerseys, the players that have already retired!!!

  2. Yes, Sarah is so right about the jersey thing. I finally got a Josh Hamilton shirt and then...well, we know how that story ended! But then last year for Christmas Chris bought me a Mike Trout jersey. I felt pretty okay about that one since he has about 4 years left on his contract. :-)


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