Friday, June 14, 2013

Happies & Crappies ... and #backthatazzupFriday

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Happies ...

... I had a lot of fun at last Saturday's 5K.  Despite some first-year bumps, I really enjoyed it.  You can read more about it here.

... My new blog design is moving right along.  I have been wanting a re-design for a long time, but I'm not talented enough to do it myself.  I've partnered with a great designer, and I can't wait to share the design and introduce you to her.

... I may have found a side gig.  It won't pay for a few months and it's not writing, but it's something I'm really passionate about.  Once it's all confirmed I'll share more details.

... Strawberries were on sale the other day.  They are my favorite summer fruit. Always have been.  I was so excited to find a good deal on them, especially with my tight finances.

... I received a wedding invitation in the mail.  One of my college roommates is getting married later this summer, and I am so excited.  Employed or not, I will be there.

... I shared a really personal story earlier this week, and the response was awesome.  You have no idea how nervous I was to hit "publish" on that post.  People are actually calling me brave even though I felt quite ridiculous at the time.

... I got back in my regular fitness routine this week.  Last week, I fell into a bit of a rut and didn't go to the gym at all. It felt good to go back to BodyPump and Zumba this week. Tomorrow is BodyJam!

Crappies ...

... Money is so tight right now.  I didn't realize how comfortable I'd gotten, not having to stress about groceries and basic bills for a few years.  But the stress is back.  Hopefully not for much longer.

... Applying for jobs and never hearing anything. I think that's the most frustrating part. It's not that I enjoy the "thanks, but no thanks," e-mails and letters, but at least they're some kind of closure.  I have sent out more than 40 resumes in the last month.  Responses have been few and far between.  It's so frustrating.

... My beloved Texas Rangers have not been playing well the last few weeks.  There are a ton of injuries, but really, that shouldn't be an excuse.  I still love them, but they are really hard to watch right now.

... I'm sunburned.  I swear I put sunscreen on (SPF 50 for this ginger skin), but I guess I missed a few spots.  Ouch.  And itch.

... I have gone to eight different women's clothing stores in search of a short-sleeved black suit jacket and have not found a single one.  I figure I'll want one for job interviews, but so far it's looking like I'll just have to sweat it out in my long-sleeved jacket.

I guess it's a good week when the good outweighs the bad, right?


You know what's not crappy?  Tony Lucca's new single, "Never Gonna Let You Go," which he performed on "The Voice" earlier this week.

Later this summer, he's heading out on tour with Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson!  It's so fun to see him on TV and playing for huge crowds now.  I've been a fan of his for more than two decades, and I am so proud and happy of what he's become.  And in case you're new to my blog, I invite you to revisit my history with Mr. Lucca --- here and here. (By the way, a quick search shows I've mentioned him in 48 blog posts. I might love him.  Ha ha.)


  1. Hope your new opportunity works out!! I'm considering going to get some strawberries this evening now... Hope you have a great weekend, Micah!

  2. Sorry to hear about money being tight, hope the situation changes soon! And I dunno, the one "thanks but no thanks" email I got back after I applied to schools depressed me. I think I'd rather not know. Maybe. I dunno. Sunburns suck, bummer on that too. And I can't wait to see the redesign!!

  3. The Rangers are making my heart hurt. :(

    Wish you were closer, we could have a Girls Night!!!

    Good luck with your new opportunity!! :)

  4. Try Maurices for short sleeved black suit jackets. that's where I got mine and I wear it often. The best part is that is was only like $40! And if you're lucky enough to hit a sale, all the better!

  5. I'm visiting through the Happies and Crappies link up!
    I agree that finding a job can be so frustrating. After college I sent out so many applications and resumes and it was such a bummer never hearing back from most of them.



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