Friday, December 30, 2016

Fitness goals recap and preview

These were my goals for 2016:

> Do at least one strength workouts per week.
I'd say I accomplished this more than 75 percent of the year, which is a huge improvement from the previous year.

> Once the weather is nice, go on at least two bike rides per month.
I only rode my bike about a handful of times this past year, but at least she got to go on one large journey - RAGBRAI.

> Complete one race each month, including one race in a different state.
I did this. Except for the different state part. I ended up completing 14 races, including 10 5Ks, one 10K, and one 8K.
January - Commitment Run 5K
February - Red Flannel Run
March - Leprechaun Chase 10K
April - Loop the Lake 8K and 80s/90s 5K
May - Woofin' It 5K
June - Run to Exile 5K
July - 5! on the 4th and Diva Dash 5K
August - Get Your Rear in Gear 5K
September -Virtual 5K
October - Superhero 5K
November - DSM Turkey Trot 5K
December - Jingle Bell Run 5K


Here are my fitness goals for 2017:

> Do more yoga.
Every time I do yoga, I enjoy it. But I haven't made it a consistent part of my routine. I think my body and mind would be grateful if I added it into the weekly rotation.

> Conquer push-ups.
These are my least favorite workout move. Ever. I think it's because my upper body and core are so weak. But maybe with this goal, I can work on strengthening those areas. I'm going to aim for being able to do 37 (for the age I'm turning this year) on my toes without stopping.

> Join or find a running group.
My race budget is going to be much smaller in the new year (I just have too many other things to take care of), but I want to keep running. I think having a group would give me accountability, support, and maybe even a bit of a challenge.

What are your fitness goals for the new year?

Another note -- I will be moving my fitness posts to Sunday in solidarity with Holly. 


  1. I'm doing a yoga challenge in January (posted about it today) and I'm hoping that'll kick things off on the right foot.
    I used to want to conquer pull-ups because I could never do them...I found that doing other arm workouts led to the strength I needed. Keep doing alllll the toning you can and the push-ups will get easier!

  2. I absolutely want to do more yoga. I always love how I feel when I am done, but I can't seem to get into a routine. Right now, I want to dedicate Sundays to yoga and hope I can keep up with this.

    As silly as this sounds, the 22-day push-up challenge REALLY helped me with push-ups!! I can't even explain how I was able to do that many push-ups, but it feels good to say that I did. My goal is to be able to do 50 without stopping. I suggest starting with the knee push-ups and work your way up! Try to make a goal of doing 5-10 a day to start, or 20 per week or something like that. Small goals are good!

    I also want to join a running group, but it's intimidating to me. I don't have many running friends in my area and I feel like going into this new group is going to be scary...but I'm making myself do it so I can be encouraged to run more often!!

    Excited to have you join me on Sundays!! :) 2017 is going to be fantastic!!!


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